My 10 Step Plan to Success

About a week or so ago I made a post on a forum that I'm a member of and I thought I'd copy it over to here and make a blog entry out of it. The context of the post is that I had been notified by one of my music libraries that I had at least 2 tracks placed in an episode of MTV's Parental Control.

So here is what I called Big Blue's 10 Step Plan to Success

1) Join TAXI
2) LEARN as much as you can about where your skill sets and ability levels are at. Be realistic, drop your ego and LISTEN.
3) Write material that falls squarely in your realm of expertise, and produce that material at the highest quality level that you possibly can
4) Submit that material to the appropriate listings
5) Don't wait around to see if you get forwarded or returned and immediately begin to repeat steps 2 - 4
6) When you get a forward, immediately repeat steps 2 - 4
7) When you get a return, immediately repeat steps 2 - 4, but pay special attention to step 2
8) When you get a deal, be polite, courteous, and professional with the client, ask them if you could send them more material and then repeat steps 2 - 4
9) When you get your first placement, scream like a little kid, jump up and down in your kitchen, make a fool of yourself in front of your wife, then repeat steps 2 - 4
10) When you get your royalty statements, don't focus on the numbers to the left of the decimal point, be grateful that there even IS a decimal point, then repeat steps 2 - 4

I'm sure there are other methods and plans you can use to find success for getting your songs placed in Film/TV but this one worked for me. But just like with any weight loss program you may try, individual results may vary. But I'm fairly certain that if you follow those steps and work hard, you'll see the same results.

Until next time...
- Big Blue

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