Perception and Reality

I was having a conversation with my wife yesterday about how I've been feeling that I haven't been as productive this year, from the standpoint of music creation. It's not that I feel like I've been lazy or anything, quite the contrary. I know I've been working as hard but for some reason, in my mind, it feels like I'm "behind schedule" compared to last year. So I spent some time on the subject last night.

Proving Ground sneak peak and Sniper

I don't typically do this but I'm going to start this post off with a viewer discretion is advised warning. Those of you easily offended or sensitive to violent images may want to skip this entry.

I found out last night that the premiere episode of the show Proving Ground on G4TV is actually viewable online at YouTube as a sneak peak until June 6th. So for those of you who don't have G4TV you can actually watch the episode online now. I watched it last night and discovered that I had 5 tracks used in the episode. I'll put a list of them after the video for those interested in knowing which ones are mine. If you want to hear my vocal "debut" then skip ahead to around the 16:40 mark to hear me "singing" about bananas:

1) Thorn In My Eye from 0:04 - 0:17
2) Blues Fun from 2:16 -  2:35
3) Fender Bender from 6:08 -  6:23
4) Going Bananas from 16:42 - 17:13
5) I Don't Even Care from 19:13 - 19:24

For those of you who do have G4TV, the show debuts on Tuesday June 14 at 8pm Eastern and will run for 9 episodes.