First Deal for Crushing Gray

I'm extremely excited to announce that Crushing Gray has just signed it's first deal with a music library!

The song is "Not With Me" and it's one that I co-wrote with my best friend Joel Shoemake a couple years ago. We'd had a couple of different vocalists on it but after I started collaborating with Logan Pepper on the other Crushing Gray tracks, Joel and I came up with the idea of having Logan sing on it, which we think was a brilliant idea :-)

The deal is with a high-end music library. Any guesses as to how we got the deal? If you keep up with my site in the slightest then you already know the answer. But if you don't, here it is. TAXI.

Hopefully I'll be able to report back that the song has been placed in a film or a TV show. Until then, you can hear the song here.

The Flood

Unless you live in the Nashville area, chances are you haven't heard about "The Flood" that we just experienced. The media didn't seem all that concerned about it until several days after the fact.

We were fortunate. Other than our driveway being washed out in parts, which can be replaced, we were OK. Some friends of ours were not as lucky and they experienced some major damage to their home.

Here's a couple of links to some videos that I made on my cell phone of our driveway as the flood was going on.

Link One

Link Two