Placement on HGTV's Real Estate Intervention

In addition to the MTV placement I also found out about another placement today on HGTV's show Real Estate Intervention.

You can view the episode online at the following link:

Their video player counts down instead of up. You can hear my track, "I Said Too Much," starting around the -20:26 to the -19:56 mark.

Placement on MTV's Pete Wentz: EMOgul

I found out earlier today that I had a track placed on MTV's Pete Wentz: EMOgul show and I was able to find the clip online.

You can view it at the following link:

My track is used from around the 0:13 - 0:39 mark. It's one of my pop-punk tracks.

Hard work really does pay off

Last night I tweeted that I was going to be re-mixing some tracks for my "band" Crushing Gray with the hopes to pitch them to a major music library. I ended up staying up later than I wanted to, which for me means it was pretty late as I'm your stereotypical musician when it comes to being a night owl, but it was necessary.

There was a "soft" deadline of today for this particular opportunity. Though I would have a chance to pitch to them again later in the year, I wasn't going to pass up this chance. So before I went to bed I submitted the tracks. We were told that it may take between 6-8 weeks before we would hear anything, though I suppose that probably is a disclaimer for people that submit after the "soft" deadline. Why would I think that? Because I heard back within a few hours...