An (Overdue) New Placements Update

To say I'm a little bit behind on posting updates about my most recent placements on here would be a bit of an understatement. I'm also contemplating a slight redesign of my site, nothing major, but a slight change in focus of a couple sections. But in the meantime, I'll go ahead and use this post to get caught up.

So I'll start with the shows that cue sheets showed up for from November of last year until now that I've had previous placements in. Those would be Access Hollywood, All On The Line with Joe Zee, Barter Kings, Dr. Oz, Nate Berkus Show, Fatal Encounters, Style Special, Colbert Report, What Not To Wear, Toddlers and Tiaras, My Big Redneck Vacation, Oprah's Next Chapter, and Super Soul Sunday.

Now for the shows that were new for me that had cue sheets show up in November and December last year... That Metal Show, Abandoned, I Almost Got Away With It, Shannen Says, Texas WomenTotal Blackout, Made, American Colony, Brooklyn 11223, Best of The Oprah Show and Cheer Perfection.

And finally for the new shows that I've learned about so far in 2013... Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, How Booze Built America, El Rostro De La Venganza, and Sand Masters.

Just a couple of notes about some of those shows... The episode of I Almost Got Away With It had the most placements in one single episode I've ever had with 8 placements that totaled over 4 minutes of air time! The Spanish soap opera El Rostro De La Venganza used my track, Tension In The Air (posted below) a total of 11 times over 8 episodes with one use totaling 1:45 long! So far 2013 is off to a good start :-)


Jacqueline van Bierk said...

Congrats on the placements Barry! And cheers to an even better year! ;)

dagneefadley said...

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