Music Monday 7.9.2012 with VIDEOS

Hope everyone got to enjoy a little mid-week holiday last week on the 4th of July. I sure enjoyed having a day off in the middle of the week! I nominate that every Wednesday become a paid day off. Who's with me???

First thing to mention is that I've updated my credits page with images of the various productions that have used my music. I think a listing of images make the page look much better than a listing of just plain ole boring text.

While I was enjoying my day off last week I was excited to find some new cue sheets show up! They were mostly for some familiar faces such as Little Couple, Toddlers and Tiaras, The Dr. Oz Show and Last Call with Carson Daly. But I also had a new series show up, Teen Mom. It was for the second part of the Season 2 finale. I had 2 cues used in the episode, a tension cue ("Tension In The Air") which was the first piece of music played in the episode while they recapped the previous episode and it lasted for nearly a minute and a more inspirational pop-rock guitar cue ("Hope and Inspiration") that played for about 4 seconds. I was able to find the episode online and have embedded it below. It's kinda hard to hear the music in the beginning but it is there :-)

And then on Friday I learned of another new series that I had some music placed in, Ragin' Cajuns. I had 4 blues cues get used in an episode. I was able to find a clip that had one of them in it ("Don't Feed The Gators") and have embedded it below. My music starts at around the 1:10 mark and plays to the end of the clip.

And today I learned that the cue that was used in the Teen Mom episode above ("Tension In The Air") was also used as a promo for both NBC's Nightly News and the Today show!

And finally, my RevAbs progress report for the week. This past week was a bit more challenging simply because of the hamstring injury I incurred last week. I haven't been able to do a full exercise routine like normal but I have been doing a modified workout every day, ignoring my legs and just focusing on my upper body and core. So with that said, this week may be the week that I'm the most proud of. I ended up losing a total of 4.8 pounds for the week which brings the overall total lost up to 60.1 pounds!!!! I'll be very excited to return to doing the normal routines once my leg has completely healed.

Until next time...

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