Time for another update

It's been a fun-filled couple of weeks or so since my last entry, time to get everyone caught up on what's been going on. Before I get into the music updates, I had a chance to go to my 20 year high school reunion at the end of August. I had such a great time getting to see so many old friends, many of which I hadn't seen since graduation day. I ended up getting the award for "Most Changed Male" while I was there. Needless to say, I look a bit different now than I did 20 years ago :-) Hard to believe it's been 20 years! On to the music...

I was sad to see both Proving Ground and Surprise Homecoming come to a close over the last couple of weeks. I ended up having 65 placements in Proving Ground and 9 in Surprise Homecoming. I'm not sure if either will be having a second season but I'm grateful for the opportunities that I got with both shows.

Since my last entry, I've signed three new deals with some music libraries. The first deal came as a result of a TAXI forward. The company signed 5 acoustic guitar tracks in the singer-songwriter style, kind of like Ryan Adams. You can hear them all by clicking this link. I heard from him yesterday and all 5 tracks were sent to MTV for possible use in the Teen Mom series. Not sure if they'll get used or not yet but he told me that if he hears good news, then I'll hear good news, which means you'll hear good news too :-)

The newest deal is one that just happened yesterday. For this library I'm going to start out writing some blues-based tracks for an upcoming show on the Discovery Channel. Not sure when it airs yet but they are in the process of editing the show. I'm not sure if I'll know ahead of time if the tracks get used before the show airs but if I do, I'll pass that along.

The third deal I signed was with a very active music library that has worked with a variety of shows such as America's Next Top Model and NCIS to name a few. They actually approached me about joining them which was a pretty cool thing to experience. I've already written a wide range of stuff for them, from Neon Trees to Lady Gaga to the Baha Men ("Who Let The Dogs Out") and I've also had a chance to pitch for a couple of TV themes. This one is definitely stretching me as a composer, musician and a producer.

Finally, I'm happy to report that my "band" Crushing Gray has had it's first placements! I'm still trying to get more specific information but so far I've found out that the instrumental version of our track "Don't Lie To Me" was used twice in something called Life On The Road and then the instrumental version of our track "Won't Go Back Again" was used 5 times in something called The Young Turks and then once on... are your ready... Inside The PGA Tour! Yes, we were used on a golf show! I would love to see the clip from that show. Speaking of clips... I uploaded a very short teaser clip of one of the next Crushing Gray songs which you can here at this link.

That's all for now, that I can remember anyways! I really should do this more often and I'd be less likely to forget something. I do have some other potential REALLY big news but I'm not ready to share it yet, some details still have to be worked out so I'm not gonna say anything yet. That's all for now!

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