Seriously wiped out by crushing cicadas on the ground

The title of this post doesn't mean what you may think it means but if you continue reading all will become clear. But before I do that, here are a couple of updates about some items from my last entry.

First off, the Fantasy Factory episode is now online. You can view it by clicking this link. My cue begins at around the 17:10 mark in the episode.

Second, the "Writer's Detour" that I was suffering from finally went away and I was able to meet my deadlines. Barely, but I met them. And now thanks to the detour, I've got a few new tracks to finish in some new styles for me. And now on to the new updates since my last entry...

Last year I made reference to the fact that my "band" project Crushing Gray had just signed the tracks from our debut EP with APM, one of, if not, the world's largest music libraries. Due to some "red tape" that we had to work through, it took a bit of time before those tracks ever made it into the library. And I'm happy to say that day has finally arrived! The tracks are now online and we even made it into their Editor's Picks video which you can check out below. We're around the 4:30 mark:

Last month I had a chance to prepare everyone for a placement in advance of it's actual airing. Well, I get to do that again, and this time, I actually know what song is being used! The show is called Proving Ground and it will air on G4TV starting next month on June 14th at 8pm ET. I will be making my "vocal" debut on this episode. The track being used is called "Going Bananas (The Finish Line)" which you can hear here. I'm not sure at what point in the show it will air yet, but it will be in a segment involving bananas. That's all I know for now.

On a side note, this year happens to be the return of the 13-year Cicadas to Middle TN! I first moved to Nashville 13 years ago just after the last batch came through, not sure I expected to see them again. It's amazing how loud they are.

Over the last week I've had a chance to write some new tracks for the show Wipeout on ABC thanks a music library deal I made last year (thank you TAXI). I ended up writing 17 cues for the show. Not sure if any will make it into the show but if they do, I'll let you know. The new season starts on June 21st.

And finally, I found out yesterday about a new placement I had on a show called Seriously Funny Kids (Lifetime). One of my pop punk tracks was used in an episode featuring Tony Hawk. Looks like it's going to be re-aired this weekend on the Lifetime Real Women network. Up until about 30 seconds ago, I didn't even know there was a Lifetime Real Women network. I just bought the episode on iTunes. I was expecting the cue to be used in the Tony Hawk segment, but it was actually used in a different segment in which "Emma" is talking about her soccer stuff.

Oops, I almost forgot... I also found out that the movie I scored, Decision, featuring Natalie Grant and Billy Dean, is scheduled to premiere on TV in September. I'll post more specific info as the date gets closer. I guess that's all for now!

Until next time...


Anonymous said...

Too much good stuff. Cool to see things happening for you from every angle!

Big Blue Barry said...

thanks Bobby!