The Best Laid Plans...

Ever have one of those days when the one thing that you absolutely could not afford to go wrong does? That was today for me.

I awoke this morning to find that my studio computer had decided to engage itself with a game of tag. But instead of chasing someone around and slapping them, it decided to turn itself off, wait a second, turn itself back on, but within a second or two before it could even get booted up, it would turn itself off again. This vicious cycle could only be stopped by disconnecting the power cable.

Obviously, there is never a good time to encounter this kind of computer problem. But when you're on a deadline of basically 3 weeks to compose a film score for a full-length film, well, that just makes matters worse.

Fortunately, for me, I still have my previous studio computer so I'm not at a total loss. But I did spend the entire day just installing two pieces of software (around 100GB each) just so I'd be able to keep working while I wait for my machine to get repaired. It is under warranty, but this is the second time I've had to have it fixed for basically the same issue. The last time they replaced the processor. This time they're replacing the motherboard. If it happens again, they'll be replacing a customer ;-)

Well, it looks as if the software is done installing so I better wrap this up and see if I can get anything done tonight.

- Big Blue


Unknown said...

Yeah Barry, I lost my main computer a few weeks ago. I don't have the problem of being on a deadline (yet) so it's not a huge issue, but troubling to say the least. Once I figure out how to get the darn Sata HD out of the tower, I'll take it into the local shop and see why my computer does not see it anymore! Think it's not getting any power.... sucks big time! Hope you are working good on your backup and no more problems for you :)

Nate said...

i'm not even going to say it, but you know what i'm thinking! hehehe