Couple of quick items

First off, I can't believe that January is already over half-way finished! This month is flying by! I wasn't as active updating my blog as I had hoped to be the last couple of months. But I made some changes tonight that I think will help with that problem.

I'll spare you all the technical details but the short version is that I combined my 'home', 'news' and 'blog' all into one page. This will be much easier for me to maintain and it will also be much easier for everyone to keep up with everything that's going on.

Speaking of which... 2010 was an incredible year for me. I was truly blessed more than I could have ever imagined. And though I'm still a few years away from making my dream a reality, I can't believe how much progress I made this past year. I'll be doing a "Year In Review" post with a "Here's What's Next" section included in there as well.

Well that's all for now. Just wanted to give everyone a quick update on the new web site format, especially for those of you who subscribe to the blog with an RSS feed. You probably saw quite a few posts tonight!

- Big Blue

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