I Need Your Help

I'm sorta having an identity crisis. OK, actually... I think I've resolved the crisis part, but now I need some help. Confused yet? Let me explain what's going on.

A few months ago I participated in a blog contest. One of the areas that we had to complete was coming up with a "perfect pitch." In other words, we needed to be able to describe our sound/music within 15 seconds. This is also known as the "elevator pitch." I actually didn't have too difficult a time coming up with mine (it's the phrase on my site that starts with "Imagine a steel cage match...") but that was because I had decided in the previous section that I was going to take on this contest as "Big Blue Barry, the artist" and not "Barry French, the composer."

Fast forward to a couple of weeks back. I found out that I was one of the 1st place winners in the contest and I was going to receive a free 6 week PR campaign. And that's about the same time when my identity crisis hit...
Even when I was doing the contest, I know that I struggled between identifying myself as an artist versus a composer. At the time, I went with the "artist" path, probably because that "sound" was something that I knew I could easily define for myself. I also had been getting music library deals as a result of that sound. But while I was still writing those pieces and posting them online, I've also been writing some other styles that I haven't been able to post online, at least not permanently, due to the exclusivity clauses with the libraries I'm writing them for.

Which brings me to now... I was able to solve my identity crisis earlier this week. Instead of thinking of myself as either "Big Blue Barry, the artist" or "Barry French, the composer", I realized that the answer was right there the whole time, and that answer is "Big Blue Barry, the composer." I know it may seem silly to some, but for some reason, it just wasn't that easy for me to see.

And now for the part in which I need your help... While my current pitch works great for one style of music that I write, it doesn't cover the entire spectrum of what I do. What I need is to come up with a new pitch that covers more of my entire body of work as a composer than the current one does. I've posted some music samples on the music page of my site that offer a more comprehensive picture of the what I can/do write. Some of them will only be up for a limited time as they are (hopefully) going into an exclusive library and I won't be able to post them online after that happens.

What I need from you are suggestions for a new 15 second pitch. If I end up using yours, or even a part of it, I'll give you 15 free downloads as a way of saying thanks. You can leave your suggestions as a comment on this blog, or you can post them on my Facebook fan page, send them to me as a tweet, or you can even use good-old fashioned e-mail as well. I'll be making the decision in the next two weeks as my free PR campaign is about to start up and I want to have everything set before that gets started.

Thanks in advance!
- Big Blue

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