Signed six tracks to an Exclusive library deal

Once again, I have to thank TAXI for providing me with another deal. It's with an established library on the East coast.

I ended up writing 6 tracks for this deal. A couple of them were hard rock tracks that I typically write. One of them was more of a singer-songwriter track that I've recently started writing more of thanks to another deal that I have.

But the other three were brand new genres for me: Spy music and Sci-Fi. The spy track was an absolute blast to write. It was a bit challenging as I'm not accustomed to writing horn parts but I eventually got it down. And the sci-fi tracks were fun to write too. They felt more like writing sound design than actual 'music' in the traditional sense of the word.

Hope this turns into a great relationship with the library and opens the door to more placements down the road.

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